Ned Hamond

I am a carpenter following in the tradition of my father’s workshop. I built Bluejacket Workshop with my son Nick in 2002. Surrounded by my father’s tools and oak furniture, I am influenced by 17 and 18th century styles, which are apparent in my copper and oak chandeliers and in the antique furniture I restore on commission. An impressive three-tiered 21-arm centre piece can be seen at Morston church. Dodman Toys is another branch of my work, and includes children’s bricks, all-wooden hunting guns and 1920s telephones. All are based on toys that have been made for Hamond children over the decades. We also run a Bed & Breakfast and campsite at Scaldbeck Cottage. For more information go to B&B/Campsite.

Examples of Ned’s Work

Chandeliers & Sconces

Fireplace & Dodman Toys

detail of reproduction late Georgian-early Victorian fireplacehand-carved pine toy rifleReproduction late Georgian-early Victorian pine fireplace - Ned Hamond